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November 01, 2003


Jack Ben-Levi

Since 9/11 I've also experienced more than a few of these moments, which I think of in terms similar to yours: Umwertungen aller Werte indeed! But this EU poll stands out among them--it really is amazing. Not only the delay in releasing the "sensitive" portions, which is an act that of course increases the public's interest in them, but also the content itself, namely the choice and phrasing of the questions, smacks of a propaganda stunt implemented presumably with the agreement of the higher or the highest echelons. When, however, the EU bureaucracies are headed by the likes of Prodi and Patten, one probably shouldn't be all that surprised.

The level of state television in The Netherlands is, it seems to me, not one whit better than its counterpart in Belgium. Most of the "news" about the Allied campaign in Iraq, and much of the "reporting" from Israel, is simply imbecilic.

By the way, your recent comment at Cum Grano Salis was quite welcome.


Go figure: even European "mainstream" media consider Susan Sontag and Noam Chomsky as average American journalists, often carrying their columns...

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